Looking for a challenge? Looking to join a fun loving and friendly group of dedicated musicians? Ready to accomplish that goal of learning pipes or drums? Look no further. The Willamette Valley Pipes & Drums can help you with all that.

Meeting Time
* Student/Group lessons – 9:00-10:00am
* Band Rehearsal – 10:00am-12:00pm

Already Play?
If you already play the pipes or drums head over to our Contact Us page to drop us a line and find out where we meet. If you are interested in sitting-in on a practice session we can send you the tunes to get started. Whether you’re here for a short time or have moved into the area we would love to have you drop by.

Outdoor-lessonsWant to learn?
New students are always welcome. We accept students as young as 8 years old. Each student needs a practice instrument. How and where to get one is covered under the FAQ on this page.

Lessons are free and are conducted as a group. If you are interested in private lessons let us know and we can help get you get in touch with an instructor. Private lessons do cost and can range in price depending on instructor and length of your session

Starting Out
We want to be sure you understand that learning these instruments does take time. Students, both pipers and drummers, normally spend between six months to a year learning the basics. How long it takes is determined by the student’s determination, commitment and aptitude. Pipers begin on a practice chanter; drummers use a practice pad and drum sticks. Students, who achieve a certain level of proficiency and are working on band tunes, are welcome to participate during regular band practices.

Bagpipes and Scottish drums are demanding instruments and we feel it is important that students get a solid foundation. It is not necessary to be able to read music before you start. We teach music rudiments and we work with you to help develop sight-reading skills, rhythm, and playing as a group. Beginners also learn the history of the instrument, the music, and how to care for their instrument.

While WVP&D is not a competition band we do have members who do compete. We encourage our members to compete as a way to motivate them to improve their playing, while getting constructive feedback from the judges.

What will I need?
Beginning pipers will need a practice chanter, and beginning drummers will need a pair of drum sticks and a practice pad. These items can be purchased from either the NW Bagpipes, the Scottish Country Shop, or have us procure what you need.

About how much does it cost?
Practice Chanter: $70
Drum sticks: $20
Drum Pad: $20
Uniform: Once you are up to playing with the band there will be a few uniform pieces to purchase.

How do I find a private instructor?
There are a number of private instructors in the area and we can help you find one close to you. There are also instructors that offer Skype or on-line lessons. Lesson fees will be set by the instructor.

If I want to be a piper, do I have to buy a bagpipe right away?
No, we prefer that you don’t. Learning to play the pipes takes time and pipes are a considerable investment. While you are learning the basics there is plenty of time to decide if this is something you wish to pursue, to save up to purchase a good set, and to find out what you need to know when purchasing a set. When your instructor is satisfied that you have achieved an adequate level of proficiency on the practice chanter, then  it is time to get some pipes. The band does maintain some loaner pipes if you are not able to purchase a set right away.

I want to be a drummer, do I have to buy a drum?
The band supplies all drums. However you will need to purchase your own drum sticks and practice pad. We will give you all the information on what and where to buy.